Family means a lot to me. While I was home this offseason, I was able to spend most of the time that I wasn’t training, with my family. My cousin, who proudly serves in the US Navy, made me aware of Arthur and his family, who are going through a tough time.  Arthur’s daughter, Ashley, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on 5/27/16. 

Less than three weeks after her initial diagnosis, a DNA test showed she has a very rare form of leukemia called masked hypodiploid ALL. The general “cure” rate for pediatric ALL is 90%+. Ashley has a 30% chance of living more than 3 years. 

Ashley and her family are fighting everyday. Earlier this month, Ashley had to be airlifted from one hospital to another hospital more suited to treat her. The transportation forced Arthur and his family to stay at a charity house. While prayers and thoughts are welcomed, donations for the charities that help these families are also needed. Sports is giving me a platform and a following that I would not have otherwise, I’m happy to shed some light on Ashley and her families situation.

For more information please visit their Facebook page here:

If at any time you choose to donate to the charities who help kids and families like Ashley, you can do so here:




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